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Mains electricity to parking space


I have got a semi-detached house, three sides have garden, other side is neighbour. The parking for the house is going to become a parking "bay" at the front, about 5 metres away from the corner of the house closest to the road.

I was wondering how hard it would be to fit an electric car charging point to the wall of this parking bay. This would require getting mains from the house, over the path and across a bit of the garden. Would it be sensible to run a cable at hight from the house and go over the path like that?

As this is just for an electric car charging point, it will stay outside and the RCB would be inside the house as is normal with charging points. It's just the added distance from the house wall to the parking bay that I'm concerned about.

Many thanks,

EDIT: I am aware that I could, possibly, put in a cable under ground, however I am unsure as to how sensible this would be, how deep, what protection etc would be required.

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You will need to inform your LABC of your intentions prior to start and pay the relevant fees for this work or use a registered electrician who can self certify the work and do all the required paperwork and notifications on your behalf. Ideally the cable would be buried and be armoured.


Answered 13th Oct 2015

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