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Short cooker hood cable

The cooker hood has a cable of about 1 metre. Too short to reach the socket. I would like to connect it to another cable to reach the socket and cut a trace in the wall to sink both in the plaster. and bring the cable out closer to the socket. The alternative is having a 1.5 metre cable dangling over the cooker which does not seem safe at all. I have no cupboard above the cooker.

How can I safely connect the two and what sort of box or fitting should I use ? I have seen a small one where you simply enter the two wires from the hood and two wires from the extension and sink them in the wall The cooker hood lead has two wires, blue and brown, and the wall is an old botched job mix of thin coat of plaster covering brick and dollops of cement and wire. Or can you advice of a safer or neater way of connecting it ?


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Norman, do not do this job yourself. get a registered electrician who will do it properly. You need an isolator properly wired into your ring main which should be RCD protected. The hood can then be connected to this point.
Do not jerry rig it with 2 core flex Buried in the wall with no CPC.
A registered electrician will do it right and supply you with a minor works certificate.


Answered 13th Oct 2015

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