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Electrical inspection

My property was renovated in 2003 as was the electrical installation, the certificate issued has long gone. If there is now a new inspection this would highlight the differences in the regulations, mainly the introduction of every circuit to be protected with rccb's or rcbo's and such. Is the work mandatory if an inspection report were required.

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No, could only be listed as C3 a recommended upgrade at most.


Answered 11th Oct 2015

No, nothing is mandatory. The only potentially mandatory situation is that an inspecting electrician make safe something which is not, where to NOT do so would be negligent. However, at least, they must inform you and explain to you the really dangerous situation. You could then, switch everything off as it were and organise your own repairs elsewhere. The electrician probably won't continue until that part is made safe.

The inspection may advise you of a number of C1, C2, C3 hazards. C1 Danger Present, C2 Potentially dangerous, C3 Improvement recommended. These are based on 'observations' of what is inspected and tested. So, it may be observed that a consumer unit "does accord with the current IEE Wiring Regulations" or "is damaged" for instance, but should not read "consumer unit must be replaced".

You do not have to upgrade anything just because a new edition of the IEE Wiring regs is in force. But you may be advised that 'observations' have been made which highlight certain hazards exist.

Thanks, Jason.


Answered 11th Oct 2015

The only area that might cause a classification code of C2 (potentially dangerous), assuming that the supplementary bonding in the bathroom is in place, is if socket outlets that may reasonably be expected to be used to supply portable/mobile equipment outdoors haven't got RCD protection. (Ground floor sockets)
I would highly recommend that these sockets, if they haven't already, have additional 30mA RCD protection.

RG Electrical


Answered 12th Oct 2015

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