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Extra electrical sockets

I need new electric power sockets in different rooms around my house, as they all seem to be in areas we do not need them. Can I run cabling from existing boxes to new boxes I have just purchased. What would be a reasonable fee for a qualified electrician to fit 4 new double sockets in this way

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Hi there, If you have a adequate ring main in place and the wiring is suitable your perfectly okay spurring extra sockets of the existing but it must be a ring main. If you are to spur a extra socket your only aloud one per spurred leg other wise the cable supplying the socket will be at risk of overload. Google spurred sockets for a better idea of what is a spur on images. It could be a days work or a few hours depending on accessibility of the floor boards and locations. On a hourly rate of £20 per hour it could be any thing in access of £200 depending on the electricians speed and capability. Hope this helps you do a better job or find the right man for you.


Answered 10th Oct 2015

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