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New construction home with sandy mortar?

I have a new construction house with mortar which you can crumble away with your finger anywhere you try it. Also pieces of mortar falls if you try to dig in a little bit between the stones. I am quite concerned about but I don't know what can be done to solve this. Thank you for all the help and tips.

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If you can do that by rubbing it, you have to ask yourself what the elements will do to it over time.

I would ask a competent, local RICS Surveyor (competent in Building Pathology) to assess it and make any appropriate recommendations. Also, have you a structural warranty on the new build?

Many Thanks, Jason, CBuildE.


Answered 9th Oct 2015


If your house is a new build it should have cover under the NHBC, i would be inclined to go to them and ask them to investigate the problem.

Crumbling mortar is a sign of a weak mix !

Hope this helps.


Stuart, All Trades Fitting Company. Scotland


Answered 2nd Nov 2015

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