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Need help about fuse box please

Hello im looking for some advice.

Not sure if you are able to help me at all, iv been private renting my property for about three years now.
Well iv asked my landlord to find out if my fuse box is legal, as its hidden in the kitchen at floor level and its down the side of where I put my fridge as its the only space for a fridge to go, so if I needed to access it I couldn't without pulling a big fridge out.
I wasn't sure if there was any legal requirement for it to be a certain height or where is safe to put one?

kind regards

Nikki Tabberer

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Hi Nikki,

Same advice as for your other post.

Many Thanks, Jason.


Answered 7th Oct 2015

Hi Nikki,

As with your previous post if an inspection was carried out there are 3 types of codes, C1 is immediately dangerous and needs urgent attention there and then, C2 requires attention and is a failure but is not an immediate risk, and C3 where improvement would be recommended but it is not a failure and therefore no obligation to change, your situation sounds like a C3 where the board should be accessible but is not likely to be dangerous so the landlord may not act on this and there is no real height restrictions as long as is accessible, your landlord may just say you need to move fridge. Although as stated in previous post an inspection should be carried out every five years. You may want to express your concerns and check to see if your due you may be able to get the landlord to get one carried out if you express serious concern. Hope this helps

Many thanks
Qualified electrician


Answered 9th Oct 2015

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