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Two storey garage conversion

Hi there,
We would like to convert our garage in to a chill out/sleepover room. And also make the 3rd (6'2 by 6'5) in to a decent sized (14ft by 10ft) master bedroom over the garage. Our neighbour has two large trees directly next to our garage. Would the trees be a problem?? How deep would the foundations need to be??
Would we need a lot of work doing??
Thank you for any feed back, its greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your time!

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Hi ket1974,

For a extension like that the foundation should not be deeper than 1,2 metres, and the roots of the trees can be a problem because the ground is not of the best quality to support the load. There is some structural options to sort this issue out and some design options to minimize the problem to solve. The work to do is more or less the same if the project is properly done. I hope this is for help.

Beatriz Torres from BTR Studio


Answered 15th Oct 2015

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