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Bathroom lighting

I have re-fitted my bathroom and all that is left to do is the lighting and a extractor above the shower and I want to have these powered by an pull cord.
I have 4 spot lights and extractor fan, I have a lighting cable from the old bathroom light and so do I use the wire from the old light and make a ring main connecting to all the new light and extractor fan??

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Part p regulations apply here as is in a special location i.e. room containing bath or shower. You need to inform your L.A.B.C.prior to works commencing and follow their lead including paying fees or use a registered electrician who will do the job as per regulations and do all the paperwork for you.


Answered 7th Oct 2015

I would consult a qualified electrician and get them to do the job, a bathroom is a special location and comes under strict regulations. The bathroom lights need to be IP rated to the correct degree and the extractor requires separate isolation but must also be connected to the lights in order to meet building rags, a fan with timer would be preferable and will require an extra core of cable. If in any doubt always consult a qualified electrician they will also be able to provide adequate paperwork. The fan may need ducting out aswell if one was not installed previously.

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Answered 9th Oct 2015

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