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Top floor radiators staying cold

I have four small radiators in a third floor loft conversion, they are not coming on when I turn my heating on. We have recently installed bigger three column radiators on our ground floor which work fine as do the radiators on the second floor. I have tried bleeding the top floor radiators, they all have water in. I have tried the heating on with every other radiator turned off, the top floor stayed cold. Am guessing there may be an air lock somewhere between the second and third floor but any advice would be much appreciated.

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There could be a be number of factors preventing the top rads getting hot.
If it's a sealed system it is most likely a circulation problem rather than an airlock.

You can rule out an airlock by isolating a top rad draining it down, undo the unions between the rad and the valve attach a hose and purge through with fresh water, on each valve.

If it is a circulation issue then

-the circulating pump may not be of adequate size to create circulation on the top floor.

-your pressure may be too low if a sealed system, set it between 1.5-2.0 bar.

If it circulation then it is best to get some professional advice as to the best solution.

Warm regards, Dean

Robinson heating.


Answered 5th Oct 2015

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