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3 amp spur from cooker circuit

I have an extractor hood to install which according to the manufacturers instructions requires a 3 amp fused switch. The only electrical supply anywhere near is the cooker circuit. I had proposed to run a spur from the cooker circuit to the switch using the same grade of wire currently in the cooker circuit and then wire the extractor hood directly into a 3 amp fused switch. Would this be an acceptable approach or would I have to do something more extensive to get power to the hood?

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Although this is technically possible according to the regs, you will find great difficulty getting a 6mm cable into a switched fused spur to fuse it down, it would be much better to come from a socket, and sometimes the closest one for an extract is the floor above. Hope this helps.


Answered 6th Oct 2015

a 6mm cable will fit into a spur if you think about it spurring off a socket can have 3 2.5mm cables to it which equals 7.5mm but as above said usually take off closest socket


Answered 10th May 2016

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