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Replaced mr16 halogen with gu10 led, but lights are not working now

I replaced 4 MR16 halogen bulbs in my kitchen with 4 GU10 LED by replacing the MR16 fittings with GU10.
I also removed the transformer and did a direct connection for new GU10 LED's.
I tested the light after replacing the first fitting and the new LED lit up fine, however after I finished replacing all 4, none of these 4 are working.
I am totally confused, any advise will be appreciated.


Kevin - Thanks for your reply.

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Definitely sounds like you have got a loose wire at the first light fitting in the line. Could be a live or neutral but the thing that stands out is your ability to test you have done the job safely. I would have to recommend posting for a registered electrician to complete the job including the issue of a minor works certificate.


Answered 4th Oct 2015

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