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Old back boiler with fire front

We've just bought a house that has an old Valor copperglo fire with a back boiler behind that heats the hot water apparently. How does it heat the water? Does the fire need to be on? Also can you buy a new fire for the front as the one that is there at the minute is disgusting lol

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NO you cannot by a new fire, they are a paired appliance!

The back boiler provides heat to the radiator circuit and also to your hot water cylinder via an internal heat exchanger. Probably controlled by mid position valve. Only limited parts available now, so you may want to consider replacing it for a modern more efficient condensing boiler!

Fire only provides heat to the room it serves and nothing else.


Answered 4th Oct 2015

hot water will be heated from boiler behind fire i think fires for this model maybe obsolete


Answered 4th Oct 2015

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