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Extension above current flat

This is Salil. I own a flat in Ealing, West London. There are total of 47 flats in my block. Flats 1-45 are in the main block and Flat 46 & 47 are at the back of main block. Flat 46 is on Ground Floor (separate door) & Flat 47 (my 2 bedroom flat-approx.63sq.mtrs) is on First floor with separate staircase and door. There is flat roof for my flat with old redundant chimney. There is nothing above or on any sides of my flat. Flat 46 (ground floor flat) is attached to a garage on one side. (there are set of garages and backside wall of Flat 46 is attached to one of them). I hold share of freehold & 999 years lease (Master lease & Sub lease for my Flat)

What I am looking to do & would like to check if this is possible
I am looking to build a floor above my flat with bedrooms (3-4) and a small open terrace access with internal staircase from my current flat. I would like to know how to proceed with this project. Do I need planning permission and building reg or both. Do I need to get approval of freehold company? What would be the cost of the project? Is there a space restriction, i.e. % of your current property?

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you need the three, planning, building regulations and consent from the free hold company,
space restriction?? there are many vectors in this equation, that planning office will take in consideration, like blocking someone else path of natural light, etc


Answered 26th Feb 2016

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