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Vent-axia bathroom extractor fan constantly running

Hi. I had a Vent-Axia Silhouette Lo-Carbon extractor fan (model 441626 - 100HT( humidistat and timer) installed. The brown wire connected to L, the black connect to N, and the grey connect to LS. The fan is constantly running even when the light switch is off. It is not connected to a pull cord. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks for your time.

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Either humidity is at a constantly high level, the unit is faulty or it is wired incorrectly. If this is not enough information for you then you will need to post for an electrician to diagnose/rectify the problem.


Answered 4th Oct 2015

There can be a number of reasons your fan is permanently on.
The installer may have the switch live and permanent live the wrong way round, (you can't always go with the correct colours at the fan as they may be wired incorrectly at the light switch or isolator switch, he would have to test this before terminating the conductors to find this out).
It could also be that the room is just very damp / humid, hence the fan seems to be constantly on.
Lastly it could be worth adjusting the extractor fan time and humidity sensor pots to lower the length of time the fan is on and to lower the humidity sensitivity.
Hope this help!


Answered 4th Oct 2015

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