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My electrician (who claims to be 17th edition, Part P and and on the competent persons register) abandoned the job after first fix of a full house rewire. After days and days of trying to get hold of him I had a few text messages. Despite already being paid two thirds of the monies, the result was that he couldn't finish the job nor recommend anyone to do so. I found another electrician but now need the work certifying by a suitably qualified electrician willing to certify third party work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Will require a new fuseboard also to comply with regs.

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Look on the register to see if he was/is on there. You can report him to his provider if he is. And they will take action and get the job finished for you. If he isn't no decent spark will 3rd party certify I won't under any circumstances.


Answered 2nd Oct 2015

My advice (after having checked as above to see if he is registered, something which should really have been done before hiring him, anyone can say 'yes I'm registered') would be to speak to Building control at your local council.

There may be an option to have an EICR completed on the property to verify the installation work and building control may accept this and sign the work off.


Answered 2nd Oct 2015


There are moves to make third party certification legal, not many of us want it though as it will pen up the flood gates of semi-skilled installation teams without full qualifications or accreditations. If someone offers to third-party certify be careful, if he is prepared to bend this rule what else is he prepared to do?

As noted earlier, depending on the state of the first fix, local building control may accept an EICR for the works, if not then you will need to start again unfortunately.


Answered 6th Oct 2015

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