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Polished concrete floors for a small livingroom

is it expensive?
can it be done in small home areas like a livingroom?

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It can be done on any area you require. Yes, it can be expensive but you will have a hardwearing surface that will outlive any carpet or wooden floor providing its maintained properly. The cost it created by the amount of shine you desire as you can't jump from p80 grit to a fine 3000 grit. I'm starting up a Concrete worktop business and there is a lot of literature available throughout the internet. What kind of floor would you be laying it on?


Answered 7th Mar 2011

Just a thought on this, I was going to have the same done in my new house, the most important thing is the finish of the concrete when laid. It need to be power floated and polished with the power float over and over until it's not possible to do any more. If you have a polished finish from the power float, only then with the actual polishing with diamond pads be possible. Also the better the power float finish, the cheaper the final price as they use less diamond polishing and less time.

Tim Shanks
DLF Limited


Answered 29th Mar 2011

It can be it all depends on the finish you are looking for and the floor it is going on if it is flat and smooth before the polished floor is started will keep the cost down and you have the time it takes around 4 days to compleate a floor even a very small floor its the waiting time for each layer that needs to be applied


Answered 3rd Mar 2011

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