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Progammernot firing ch

Replacing diadem425 with channelplush27xl on diadem hw would work on its own but two switches needed for ch on channel plus two lights showing red but only heat hot water told by horstmann to remove link to gravity system still no ch can you help

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hi check the back plate it should read N L 1 2 3 4 5
N neutral
L live 1 hot water off 2 heating 0ff 3 water on 4 heating on 5 live link
if you have 5 link to live if not check black plug is correctly placed check type of system have you got 1 valve or 2 of only 1 yhen there sholud be a cable in 1 hot water off or give me a ring on 07565 480310


Answered 3rd Dec 2015

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