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Can a window be load bearing?

Currently I have a window and back door (both upvc) which are fitted in my ground floor kitchen. The gap is 2060mm and above it is roughly 500mm of brick and then the flat roof. The window and door are going to come out when my extension is built on the outside of this.

My question is, how can I remove the window and door to install the rsj to fit the gap? If I took them both out, surely there is nothing supporting the load above them and it will come down? What is currently supporting the bricks above the window now??.



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the!re will be a catnic lintel above both window and door
in order to remove lintels you will need props and strongboys to support brickwork above
I would advise you get someone to do this for you though as ive seen some interesting misadventures !


Answered 30th Sep 2015

There should be a lintel above door that supports and distributes the weight above it,


Answered 26th Sep 2015

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