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Apprentice electrician - sy11 area

My son is in the last year of school and working hard to get the qualifications he needs to be an Electrician when he leaves school 2016.
He is looking for an apprenticeship with a local tradesman in the Oswestry area if anyone feels they will need someone to train next year.
I am putting this up early as I know these places get snapped up quickly.
He will be looking to attend college a couple of days a week to get the recognised qualifications and getting the valuable experience on the job in between.


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If you contact your local college they have a list of contractors that are looking to train apprentices in your area also it is a good idea to send a letter of introduction to all registered contractors in your area
Sadly we are outside of the area but if you want to fwd details to we can keep the details on file


Answered 2nd Nov 2015

We work in Edinburgh and again outside your area. I would look at the employment incentives available in your area for companies to take on apprentices. If the information is to hand and it is a good scheme it may encourage potential employers.
Good luck!


Answered 24th Aug 2016

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