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Whirlpool bath electrics

Hi, I have a plumber coming in to convert out bath into a whirlpool bath, for which I have bought a whirlpool kit. So, my question is do I need separate spurs for the 240v/3.6amp whirlpool pump, and led lighting for the 8 jets (the 8 led's are 12v fed from their own transformer). Would it be OK to spur from the upstairs ring main for this? If they require separate spurs, only one spur can come off a ring main, it that true? Regards John

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What is true is that this work will need notifying to Building Control before you start along with appropriate fee if you are doing it. Safest quickest and cheapest way is to employ a spark to do it all for you. Part p of course.


Answered 22nd Sep 2015

Deacon [above] is correct in saying that this job will need to be notified. In terms of spurs to provide power to your whirlpool pump and lighting- it would be ideal if you provided one fused spur [fused at 3 Amp] for the lighting and another fused spur [fused at 5Amp] for the pump. However, it would be more economical to provide one fused spur for both the lights and the pump [fused at 5A]. As for the number of spurs on a ring main - the number of unfused spurs cannot exceed the number of sockets and must not be daisy chained. A fused spur can be used to supply any number of points after it as the total draw cannot exceed 13A.
As always - work in a special location must be notified or undertaken by a part P registered electrician.


Answered 22nd Sep 2015

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