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Oven installations

I am looking for some advice in relation to an oven installation. If the oven is installed on a plug which is located behind the oven (within the void), do I need a separate means of isolation which would be more accessible? Where can I find written regulations that cover this point?

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You will find the regulations to cover this point in BS 7671:2008+A3:2015 Requirements for Electrical installations. But as the book will cost you around £70/£80 best using a registered electrician to do the job for you and if any doubt its done correctly you would be able to confirm the method with his/her accredited part p organisation.
Note; I wont fit a fused plug behind an integrated appliance as its a pain if the fuse goes. Isolate from an accessible point within 2mtrs(switched fused spur) and feed from a fixed outlet behind the appliance.


Answered 24th Sep 2015


The isolation switch must be within 2m of the cooker, but the connection outlet can be directly behind it or in a cupboard next to it.


Answered 22nd Sep 2015

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