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Cold radiator when central heating is on

I have a Worcestor 27CDI boiler with 4 radiators and 1 towel warmer, all fitted with trvs. My problem is, when the central heating is on, 1 radiator out of the 4 does not get hot like the others. I've examined this 1 radiator and the 2 central heating pipes, on the bottom left-side and right-side, are very hot. I had my boiler serviced and power flushed prior to the summer. Can anyone offer some suggestions as to the problem and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

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Well its an obvious thing to check but have you tried bleeding the radiator.
Quite simple, open the to bleed valve with a key(you can get them at any plumbers) if you hear hissing ,thats air trapped in the rad. Keep it open till a steady stream of water comes through. If that fails to work close all the rads via the TRVs (RAD Valves) except the one that is refusing to get hot now turn it fully on and see if that pushes water through. If all that fails you may have a blocked rad but I doubt it.


Answered 18th Sep 2015

Hi the previous anwser is also correct but is the TRV fitted on the flow as older trv were directional also trv spindles can stick remove the thermostatic part of the head and see whether the spindle in the centre movesup and done when pushing on it if not gently pull upward with pliers ect Hope this works Dave plumber gas engineer


Answered 19th Sep 2015

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