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Data and av cables

I'm looking for somebody to lay Network, Sky, HDMI and USB cables. These cables need to be laid under the floor then connected into appropriate wall sockets - Is this the type of work Electricians do?

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cable routing in safe zones and seperation of
different catergories is one of the subjects
learned when training to be an electrician.
though further training may be necessary in the data,
comunication and network fields etc, but I cannot
see much skill involved in simply connecting the
cables into the required points.
Phil Tatler


Answered 19th Sep 2011

Yes most electricians will do this, I sure would :)


Answered 19th Sep 2011

I know that I carry out that type of work,would think most electricians would aswell.


Answered 19th Sep 2011

That is a very simple task,more electricians are doing this type of work now, so you should be able to find someone to help.

Something I specialise in too



Answered 21st Sep 2011

Yes, as long as they dont run alongside exsisting electrical cables, as this may cause interference on your data systems



Answered 25th Sep 2011

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