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Fixing down lighting

Hi can you put down lighting in a ground floor flat living room even if you can't get in from upstairs as it's a flat thankyou

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Yes, either stitch the cables in to the ceiling plaster and repair or re board and set the ceiling.
Best left to an experienced spark though.


Answered 17th Sep 2015

Hi Yes most electricians have cable rods to carry out this kind of work.
or as Kevin above says slots can be cut into the ceiling then repaired and repainted after the cables have been run, sometimes this can be a quick and easy job depending on the construction of the ceiling of course.


Answered 18th Sep 2015

The above answers are pretty spot on. However - ensure that whoever you use to install your down lights supplies you with fire rated units and idealy fire hoods. As there is a dwelling above, and you have compromised the integrety of the plasterboard ceiling by cutting holes in it this is a requirement under part B of the building regulations (fire safety). Also - in flat developments - part E of the building regulations also comes into play and concerns the passage of sound into the dwelling above through the new holes cut in your ceiling. I hope this helps.


Answered 22nd Sep 2015

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