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Re-wire 4 bed property.

I am due to start renovating my house, I will need it re-wiring and am a little confused with the Cat5 and Cat6 options.

Firstly what is the purpose of Cat5/Cat6 wiring when everything is run off wireless networks? Is it useful to have Cat5/Cat6 ports and what would they be used for apart from forming a wired connection to the end point?

Also, how would they work? From the main connection that comes into the house, do the Cat5/Cat6 wires then connect to that and then tail off into each room providing a network depending on how many points you want?

In a nutshell, what is the benefit and purpose of having this wiring fitted?

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Cat 5/Cat 6 are very versatile cables. They can be used as telephone points, broadband points, cctv, hdmi distribution etc. There are converters available to allow Cat 5 to be used as other types of cable (Co-Axil etc.).

In any of the bespoke, high end homes I wire, the usual way to wire the cat 5's are to bring them all back to a central point and install a patch panel. All equipment would then be installed in the patch panel, (Main telephone point, Broadband router, T.V. and Satellite distribution, CCTV NVR, access intercom equiment, sound system etc.)

Cables would be run from every T.V. point back to the patch panel (2 x Cat 6 for HDMI transmission and at least 1 x Cat 5 for Smart t.v's),every local source point in each room (2 x Cat 6 and 1 x Cat 5), from every cctv camera point (1 x Cat 5), and everywhere else you think they could be useful.

Then terminate all cables into patch racks in the panel and if you ever want to change the use of a cable, plug a patch lead into the correct connection.

Hope this helps

Brendan Mines


Answered 17th Sep 2015

For most installs l just run cat 6 as its not that much more expensive than cat 5e but will perform so much better with greatly reduced crosstalk and allow the best "future proofing" for the customer.
For LAN (local area network) cat6 can run at 250MHz and allow network speeds of up to 10 gigabit and for HDMI matrix's and baluns cat 6 is really the minimum spec for newer HD and 3D TVs but its worth remembering that for HDMI over Cat6 cable runs over 30 meters may need even higher spec cable like cat 6 a

Dedicated LAN cabling is generally faster and more reliable than a WiFi network for a number of reasons it can be useful in buildings with solid walls or foil backed insulation or where many neighbouring wireless networks can interfere with each other reducing the signal quality.

In other installs wired cables can be used to connect a number or wireless access points to extend a WiFi network.
As Brendan writes above its very easy to reassign a cat 6 cable to something else so a network point could become a telephone point or doorbell extension or room speaker point etc.

Finally its worth bringing all the services into one area (like under the stairs) so telephone master point, alarm panel, cable or Satellite TV,internet etc then run all the cat 6 cables back to there.

Dave Pope


Answered 18th Sep 2015

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