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Electric towel radiator

I'm planning to install an electric towel radiator. This will be connected to our Immersun smart water heater device (for solar power). My question is about the fused spur that the radiator should be connected to. Are there any regulation about the location of this spur? Can I site this near the ceiling and run the cable down the wall behind the radiator? or does the spur need to be down low?

Finally any recommendation on a low power towel radiator? not looking to heat the room, just aid in drying towels.


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You have to use a 13 Amp switch fuse spur. It has to be located outside the zone 2 but what I recommend and that is installed outside the bathroom can be near the fuse board and run the load wire coming out of the spur to the radiator until the bathroom. Chase the wall in the zone recommended by the IET build regs BS7671 and place outside of zone 2 a single box with a blank plate and install the flexible cable of the radiator inside that box and make nice connection. But I recommend that you look for a qualified electrician to do the job because sometimes the cheap, in the end comes expensive. The radiator you can look for at TLC electrical supply or at CEF they have great products. hope I have helped.



Answered 16th May 2017

Any electrical work in a bathroom has to be notified to building control? If you are doing the work yourself you have to obtain the form fill it in pay the fee, then building control will send someone to test and inspect your work if it's not right you have to put it right. etc. Better still employ a part p spark who if they are decent will do everything to BS 7671 2015 3rd amendment and notify it too. If you go ahead and do it and ignore this advice and DIY it and don't inform BC you can be fined up to £5000 I think it is. I know which route I would pick to be honest.


Answered 17th Sep 2015

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