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What is the worst case scenario if my combi boiler does not have enough clearance around it, for a engineer to service it according to the manufacturers instructions

It is installed in a loft space which has been converted into a bedroom.
the boiler has been installed in a storage type space because of the way it is fitted it does not have the 600 space in front of it at the top of the boiler. it is a new worcester boiler

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Most new combis require only 5-10 mm clearance either side and 30 mm above the flue elbow, so long as there is at least 650-700 mm in front ie openable door then it should meet most new requirements if there is not then the appliance has not been fitted correctly and would need to be looked at to see how to remedy the situation .


Answered 18th Sep 2011

the required clearances and space required in un-ventilated /ventilated compartments vary these measurements are in your manufacturers installation instructions.

the Worcester case is as deep as the boiler so you would need at least this distance to take the case off.
If it's a permennt obstruction, as above.
I would contact worcester just to check this does not invalidate your warranty.
The clearances are also to a permanent fixture (wall etc) if the obstruction is removable you may be able to leave it in place. as long as the engineer can reasonably access everything he may decide it's not worth causing the damage to decoration/cupboard For a service etc

if the obstruction is removable i.e. Wood , be prepared that the worst that can happen is if they get called out to look at your boiler you will have to move the obstruction at their discretion at the time of the visit

Hope this helps



Answered 12th Oct 2011

can you give us some more details ie is it in a cupboard/boxed in is it old or new.


Answered 18th Sep 2011

Your boiler is fitted to a loft space !

Now a bedroom ?

So thefore the requirements for fitting boilers in loft-spaces,I.E, fixed loft ladder, (now presumably a stair case ?),, provision of fixed lighting / boarded access & hand rail, around loft hatch have been complied with ? ? ?

The clearance around the boiler ?

As previously stated, the majority of modern boiler require a minimum of clearance, some cases as little as 5mm.

Except when it comes to the claearance surrounding the front face of the appliance, this is normally around 600mm !

The reason being, for the removal of the front cover for servicing / mainenance etc.

If these manufactureres requirements are not adherred to, then the installation wopuld be deemed as, not complying with manufacurers instructions !


In the event of a fault, under warranty / gaunanttee, the manufacturer may choose not to honour the warranty / carry out remedial works on the appliance !

However, the visiting engineer, may well carry out any remedial works, moan a little and then give you notice. !

I would advise you to post a job on this site ' Gas safety certificate required'

Wait for some responses and get proffessional opinion on the exact status of your installation.

Kind Rsgards,

Adrian Hagger


Answered 21st Sep 2011

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