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Capping a gas pipe before installing electric cooker

I purchased an electric cooker two years ago and my local handyman service run by the council fitted it ,that cooker broke so i orderd another one from my catalogue and paid for indesit to fit it on delivery ,that was this morning ,the engineer refused to fit it though because he said the gas pipe wasnt capped and the engineer who fitted the last electric cooker should have done this first because it was dangerous not to.
I indesit have now refused to fit it and after 90 minutes on the phone between littlewoods and indesit all that has been resolved is reimbursing my installation deposit to my account .
I have rung my handyman from the council and explained whats happened and he said the cooker could have been fitted and its not dangerous at all so i now have to decide who i believe ,the man from indesit who refused to fit it or the councils handyman who said he will do it fof 40 pounds on monday and cap the pipe at the same time ,
Whos telling the truth guys ???????
I really need help on this because i would prefer somebody else to do the job .

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In my experience the fitters that are sub contracted to the suppliers in this case Littlewoods, look for any possible excuse to get out of fitting the appliance. John Lewis, Currys and Argos are all the same. If they have say 12 connections to do each day, and can abort 50%, then they get to finish and go home earlier!

Without more information its difficult to say how dangerous the uncapped gas pipe may/may not be. But the gas must have been shut off otherwise gas would be leaking out of an uncapped pipe? - based on the limited information I'm leaning more towards the handyman.

This said, to work on gas pipework legally a person must be "Gas Safe" registered and to work on electrical systems a person must be registered with one of the government Part P competent person schemes e.g. "NICEIC, ELECSA, NAPIT or STROMA), so unless the handyman is registered (approx. £500 a year for each certification) then he is working illegally anyway.


Answered 12th Sep 2015

even if gas pipe has a valve on the pipe work it must be capped


Answered 15th Sep 2015

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