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Getting a low voltage reading from the fitting

When i put a voltage meter from rose to fitting on a Metal light fitting I am getting a low voltage reading 12v what's been wired wrong?

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Chances are that the metal light fitting is unearthed and the voltage your reading is a result of capacitive coupling (i.e. an induced voltage on the unconnected earth cable). As its a dangerous situation to have an unearthed Class 1 metal fitting, the cause of the problem should be investigated further, with full Insulation resistance and earth continuity tests being carried out on the circuit.


Answered 14th Sep 2015

Not uncommon to get an earth leakage of 12volt. I assume we are talking 230v supply? If it bothers you get an EICR done on the wiring which will include insulation tests of 500v on the cables etc.


Answered 11th Sep 2015

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