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Can i change cooker control switch myself?

Can I change cooker control switch myself?

It would be a like for like for like replacement of the switch. I would also be moving the switch from its current location in the oven housing to above the oven and service so it is easier to access.

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not really it is classed as a wet area which classed as part p


Answered 23rd Sep 2015

Kitchens were removed from list of special location 2yrs ago.
Only new circuits in this location are classed as notifiable works(i.e part p).
(Unless that is there happens to be a bath or shower in the room.)
Works you describe would only warrant a minor works certificate.
If altering circuit itself RCD protection required if not already fitted.


Answered 26th Sep 2015

Dear customer,

off course you can change the switch yourself especially when its like for like. Please do make sure that you turned the power off . if you are not sure which circuit breaker because they are not maked all the time, just turn all the electric off from the mains switch.

if you are thinking to move it, this can be a little tricky . incase if the cable need to be extended, i will not recommend you to do it your self. please seek professional help. some times its not worth it to do it your self.

i hope this will help.

regards, kashif


Answered 10th Sep 2015

Changing the switch like for like yes. Moving the switch is classed as Minor Electrical Works as its an alteration and is beyond like for like. Therefore the circuit must be tested and an RCD fitted if there is not one already and a Minor Electrical Works Certificate issued on completion of the job.


Answered 11th Sep 2015

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