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Replacing and existing conservatory - is planning permission needed?

Hello - I have a partially brick-built conservatory (built in 1993 and was given planning permission). The windows are rotten and some of the brick work crumbling. If I replace the conservatory to the same dimensions (rebuilding the wall that adjoins the neighbouring house (semi) to the same specifications, do I need to seek planning permission again. The house also has a kitchen extension, to which the conservatory is attached.

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Planning permission is a non requirement when constructing a conservatory especially if the proposed building work meets the exact same specification as the original.

However consulting your adjoining neighbour prior to starting the work is important and a quick phone call to the council will reduce any unecessary disputes that may arise at a later date.

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Robert McArdle


Answered 9th Sep 2015

It would also be worth checking the Conditions of the Original Planning Approval.
Also I agree with Mr McArdle and St Swithins- consulting your adjoining neighbour and the Council is recommended.


Answered 9th Sep 2015

This sounds like a renovation scheme, provided replacement works are like-for-like in terms of usage, area and volume of the space to be renovated, and so it is unlikely that Planning Permission will be required unless the property is Listed.
Not sure exactly what relevance the Kitchen extension might have in terms of Planning without further details.
Compliance with Building Regulations must also be considered but again if the project is purely to renovate rather than change then the risks are relatively low.
Best bet is to contact the relevant Local Authority departments to check - they are all pretty good in giving sound up-front advice.


Answered 9th Sep 2015

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