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New domestic circuits

I need to have two new circuits fitted at home - a 32 amp for a hot tub and a 16 amp for 4 x external plug sockets. I have bought all the cabling (2.5mm and 6mm SWA and 2.5mm / 6mm t&e) as well as isolators, glands, MCBs and IP65 rated external boxes. Whilst I am technically competent enough to carry out the work myself I understand that Part P now applies and I'm not allowed to do so.

My question is - how much of the work can I do myself before an accredited electrician will be required. For example, can I mount the boxes and lay/feed all the cables before calling out someone to make all the final connections?

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If all cable routings can be inspected and the work you carry out is up to regulation standard most electricians would be fine to take it from there.
NOTE: NAPIT members are allowed to do third party certification.


Answered 13th Sep 2015

Technically you cant do any of it unless you complete the forms from your local authority and pay the necessary part P fee. Whilst a lot of electricians will be happy to take your money and sign your work off, technically its illegal to sign off someone elses work.


Answered 11th Sep 2015

Technically that is only correct if the Competent Person Scheme that the electrician is with allows 3rd party certification, and most (NAPIT, NICEIC, ELECSA) currently do not. According to the regs you should really do none of it yourself, or make sure you find a 3rd party accredited electrician.


Answered 9th Sep 2015

As long as you inform building control, pay the fee, have their sparks come and inspect and test your work so it meets BS7671 you can do all of it yourself. Better still employ a part p spark on a labour only basis. As you say you have all the gear.


Answered 9th Sep 2015

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