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Removing an old burglar alarm

My mother recently moved into a new property, and there was an existing burglar alarm, that hasn't been deactivated as requested of previous owner. As a result, there are regular bleeps from it that we don't know how to stop, and given the size of it's casing in the living room we would also like to completely remove it. If we contact the burglar alarm company i suspect we will get highly overcharged for what is necessary. So is this the sort of issue that an electrician can deal with?

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Good afternoon af66,

This is a job that an electrician can do. However if you are looking to save money it may work out cheaper for you to get an electrician in to safely isolate the power supply so that you can remove the alarm units yourself.

Please make sure that care is taken to safely isolate the power supply first before you attempt to remove anything to prevent the danger of electric shock to yourself.

Hope this helps,
(on behalf of Tesla Electrical Services)


Answered 9th Sep 2015

Hi are you sure is a burglar alarm? if the bleips are regular I suspect is the fire alarm (battery operated), when the battery is going flat it emit bleeps once a minute ( more or less) , if is the fire alarm is round and attached to the ceiling, in this case I suggest you to change the battery ASAP.


Answered 5th Feb 2016

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