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we hired a builder for our fairly large extension and things have started to hit a few small problems. We didn't know about retention at the start and pay them for the work they do week by week. Four months in we've now paid 80% of the money and there's a long list of little bits that haven't been done or finished.

As we get to the end and the more fiddly bits, plumbing/tiling, things have not been done as well as we'd have liked. e.g. tiles not flat, tiles chipped, taps(wall mounted single lever type) have hot and cold mixed up.

My concern is we'll have paid most of the money and they'll just walk off site when we start complaining. Should I demand that things like the taps are fixed immediately and all little bits finished off now? Also I'd like to hold some retention but not sure how to start that conversation and how much to stop!

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In my experience of dealing with many contractors you are fully entitled to ask for the bits to be sorted before any further money is paid.
On most jobs there are always bits and bobs that get missed or as in your case taps round the wrong way. You should approach whoever is managing the project with a good manner but don't be to friendly as you need the wrongs put right and in the end you are the customer. If they are genuine then these problems can be solved quickly, if you feel that they are getting a bit irate about it then this is a warning sign that could escalate. You need to be the judge as you have been around these guys day by day.
I hope you solve everything and end up with a job you can enjoy.
Kind Regards


Answered 9th Sep 2015

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