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Installing a shaving socket

I'm installing a shaving socket in my bathroom, feed coming from the lighting circuit. Do I need to go via a fcu, Or not?

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Before you start you must download the Part P application forms from your local authority website and pay the appropriate fee in order to get consent to carry out DIY electrical work in your home. Failure to do so can result in a £5000 fine. Normally the feed to a shaver point is unfused so no need to run via a fused connection unit, although there is nothing stopping you adding and in line FCU if you want.


Answered 11th Sep 2015

No you do not require to go via a FCU, just make sure you connect into the permanent side of the light so that the socket works all the time and not just when the light is on. But also remember location containing a bath or shower are special locations and officially should be notified via building control, or failing that completed by a Part P Electrician


Answered 7th Sep 2015

Hope you notified building control as all electrical work in a special location has to be notified to them. Before you start. No Electrician who is reputable will do the testing and issue a certificate will do this for your work. The better option would have been to employ a part p spark who will be able to do all of this. Anyway... good luck


Answered 8th Sep 2015

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