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Fitting new 16a rated oven

Our old 2.4kW oven stopped working recently, and I've ordered a replacement one, but this is marked at 2.9kW. The old oven was plugged in to a socket with a 13A fuse, although this socket is on a dedicated cooker circuit with a 32A circuit breaker in the fuse box. The only other thing plugged in to this circuit is the gas hob, which has a 3A fuse (just for making sparks to light the gas).

The new oven is going to need a 16A fuse. There's no issue (I believe) with the load on the cooker circuit as a whole, but the cooker circuit finishes in a standard (but chunky looking) double socket, with the old oven plugged into one, and the hob plugged into the other. Should I replace this with a cooker socket (and thus hard wire the new oven into the mains)? If so, does that include space for a 16A fuse somewhere?

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My personal preference would be to fit a cooker switch with socket and for 16A protection this should be installed at the consumer unit preferably with RCD protection. Work done on the consumer unit should be carried out by a competent person definition being someone qualified/trained/experienced.
should be certificated so best to leave to a registered electrician.


Answered 6th Sep 2015

In order to make this situation safe and compliant the circuit fuse of circuit breaker at the fusebox will need to be de-rated to 16amp. You have purchased an EU cooker that is made for the European market and we don't have 16amp downstream fuses in the UK. In Europe the cooker would have a 16/20amp radial circuit just for itself and would not share a connection with any other appliance.


Answered 11th Sep 2015

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