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I would like underfloor heating

Hi, I would like to install electric underfloor heating but not sure which specialists would do it. Would it be a tiler or builder or electrician?



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Both a tiler and electrician could carry out this work, more importantly would be are they Part P registered as this would be a requirement in a bathroom.


Answered 16th Sep 2011

A competent person can install the underfloor heating as quoted by warmup/devi/Raychem the three main suppliers of UFH
So you don't need to be part p registered just a sensible human however to connect the thermostat to a power supply e.g fused spur you will need an electrician for approximately 5 mins !!! 3 if he is good


Answered 16th Sep 2011

Speaking as an electrician i would not be happy connecting up underfloor heating unless i had laid it or seen it before it was tiled,also it is a requirement of the wiring regs that a picture should be taken of the underfloor heating and a copy kept at or near the consumer unit.

I always test the mat as soon as it comes out of the box,then test it again once laid and before tiling,then one final test after it has been tiled in line with manufacturers instructions.

Underfloor heating can be faulty when purchased and can be damaged during tiling.



Answered 18th Sep 2011

hi, a tiler could lay it, but you'll need an electician to wire it all up after its been laid.
So its best to the tiler to lay as he can then tile the floor straight away and saves the electrician making two trips, which will cost you more money.


Answered 16th Sep 2011

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