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Help - neighbours extension

Wondering if anyone can advise. My neighbour has built a eyesore of an extension, proper Mickey Mouse style. He hasn't dug foundation, just levelled the ground with concrete (we are on a hill) used a side garden wall that's 78yrs old and in dreadful condition as one side of his extension and the roof hangs over the extension by just under 1m like a porch and just looks hideous ;-( I don't care if it falls down but I'm standing outside on my patio and the state of the extension is driving me to tears. It over looks our patio as their house is not level to ours hes already just cut and rerouted a gas pipe (no he's not gas registered) I'd upload photos if I could it really is bad. It's the roof that just looks awful! No Planning is required as the initial extension is 3m from the property but the roof - it's awful ;-( he told me the council will not check it like they used to do as its within the 3m from his property.

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although it may not need planning it most certainly will need to be signed of by building regs,
from the foundations up,
best bet is speak to your local building regs officer explaining your concerns

good luck


Answered 6th Sep 2015

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