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Light cotton wool type fluff stuff (!!) is coming through my walls with a vengeance and removing the paint as it does so - is it some kind of fungus or mould, and can i treat it? thank you!

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agree with ABM.
Appears you have some sort of damp problem,put a request on this site for a damp proofing specialist to visit you.



Answered 19th Sep 2011

It could be condensation causing the damp rather than rising damp which is a load of nonsense and completely unproven. Have you had double glazing installed recently or a driveway or patio that breeches above the damp proof course. It could also be cracks in the render or missing pointing in the brickwork. A good builder should be able to advise.


Answered 18th Sep 2011

Its called efflorescence, basically salt, you must have a damp problem, best thing to do is call a damp proof injection company..


Answered 16th Sep 2011

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