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My bathroom supplier/fitter quoted £5500 and wants 25% on acceptance of quote and 65% before work begins with remainder on completion. This is a proper small firm working out of premises not just someone working from his home. Is this amount usual?

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I wouldn't pay him nothing, i find this very strange and would be asking questions.
It is normal however to pay him for the materials once he has either delivered them to the house before he starts the installation but even doing that isn't normally needed as he will have accounts with 30 days before payment. However he shouldn't need any money upfront for labour and I wouldn't pay him any as this is your protection to make sure he completes the job exactly how you agreed. Only pay once he has completed or if it a long project say a month or two pay him instalments but still hold a retainer until the project is completed.


Answered 4th Sep 2015

That is much too much to pay upfront normally only 25% upfront and the balance on completion.


Answered 6th Sep 2015

so basically you're paying 90% of the job before it starts, 25% is ok if the rest is on completion, what safe guards have you got if it goes pear shaped.
sounds a bit high to me,
usually about a third deposit is a safe price to pay.

good luck Alex


Answered 4th Sep 2015

No this sounds highly suspect, a reputable and well established business would not normally ask for payment up front, a small business however might not have the collateral to purchase the bathroom equipment, Ask them for a labour only price and purchase the materials yourself if this is the case. I would strongly advise not paying any contractor 90% upfront that would be crazy!


Answered 4th Sep 2015

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