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Light fitting weight restriction

What's the UK weight restriction for a UK light - hanging from the ceiling?

I have a chandelier that weighs 3.3kg plus lamp shade.

I can only find USA weights online (22kg!)

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There is no maximum weight limit in the UK. The heavier the light fitting is, then the more solid the fixing required. For very heavy lights re-inforcement of the ceiling is normally put in place. (e.g. a brace of wood screwed between the nearest to ceiling joists etc).


Answered 3rd Sep 2015

I'm personally not an electrician to trade as we have electricians we use however plasterboard supports loads of 22kg per square meter in terms of tiles on walls. I would expect that to be reduced if it's concentrated to one section and is vertical but you should still be well within the realms.

If in doubt and lot access is available build some strapping between joists to support. If the fitting is already screwed into a joist or support then there should be no reason to worry.


Answered 2nd Sep 2015

There is no weight limit for a light fitting. The only restriction you will find is the quality of fixing you can get on the ceiling for your chandelier, if you have wood above your ceiling or if a ceiling joist is in close proximity to it's position then you will get adequate fixings.


Answered 2nd Sep 2015

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