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Changing light switches

I realise this is probably a simple job that wouldn't take long but I wouldn't attempt it myself.
I need my light switches changed, the one in the living room has been smashed so it is basically 2 buttons in a hole in the wall- not safe at all. The other sockets are hanging off the wall so i'd like somebody to screw them back on- paid someone to do work they never finished and left the house a mess- how much should i expect to pay? Roughly changing 4 switches and screwing 3 plugs to the wall that have just been left hanginh off (Birmingham area)

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Depends if the patress boxes have been damaged too but it's a relatively easy job for any handyman expect to pay around £60 labour including travel to you etc but excluding materials.


Answered 2nd Sep 2015

I would say no more than 60 pound . Hope this helps


Answered 2nd Sep 2015

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