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Loft dormar raising the roof

Hi, I live in percale, Ealing. I wanted to convert my lift with a dormar. Having spoken to a few builder and architects the ceiling is very low. I will need to raise the roof. Apparently Ealing will not allow this. However there are several other houses on the same street that have had the roof raised. How did they get around this???

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Most dormer conversions are carried out under permitted development rights under which you cannont raise the roof height. To raise a roof height will require a planning application, this cannot be doenon a semi or terraced house. Whether a roof can be raised on a detached house would be subject to the planning officers descretion as to whether it would be in keeping with adjoining properties.


Answered 4th Sep 2015

Have you considered lowing your ceilings instead of raising the roof line?....


Answered 18th Sep 2015

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