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Extension costs in west sussex

Hi all
We would like to put a two story extension on our end of terrace, a pea shape with the larger end approx 4.5m x 5m and the small end approx 3.m x 2.5m, one bedroom upstairs and small utiltie room and small loo the the rest divided by two, one of which would be a kitchen, plastered electrics and plumbing in place, I was going to do the kitchen myself, Been quoted £60.000 ( shock horror)
Then we asked for a single story with same spec as above for downstairs only, quoted £45.000.
We just can't do it. But are we living in cloud cookoo land or can thi be done cheaper?

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Extension Builder

Sorry but those prices are about right!


Answered 11th Sep 2015

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