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Demolish wall 2.2m long, around 3m high

Could someone advise how much it would cost to demolish and remove an internal wall in a flat between two rooms which is 2.2m long and about 3m high.

It appears to be built from block/brick work and it has an internal window in it. Could I have a quote for it being loadbearing and nonloadbearing.


1 Answer from a MyBuilder Demolition Specialist

The first question I ask is, do you own the flat? If you are renting then you will need the landlords permission before you can make any arrangements!

The second question is :- which way are the floor boards laying in the upstairs rooms. This will determine which way the floor joist are laying. I would be fairly confident that the wall you are planning on removing will almost certainly be load bearing and will nee to be supported with props and timbers, and then an RSJ ( Rolled Steel Joist ) will need to be inserted to support all of the upstairs joist etc, before you carry out any further demolition work.

I would also take measurements from the front windows of upstairs and downstairs, just to make sure the wall is built right through to the ceiling.
You will also have to check for cables and pipes to make sure you are safe.

You will then need to sort out what you are going to do with the flooring, once the wall has been removed.
Hope this helps


Answered 13th Nov 2015

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