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Two storey, flat roof 3x3 extenstion & basement room

What can I expect to pay for a two storey 3x3 extension with a flat roof in the South East (Brighton). In addition, we have a suspended floor on the ground floor with about 4x4 area (give or take) and about 4ft deep. I pulled some boards up and went down there. There is what lloks like 3 load barring walls that would need RSJ's. We want to convert this area into a 3rd bedroom. This area would then extend into the new extension.
Any ideas/rough prices? We have got ideas on prices in our heads and just want to know if they are realistic. It would also be nice to know if builders are over quoting.

Thanks all in advance :-)


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hi ,aprox 45 k all in


Answered 23rd Nov 2015

Don't remove these supports or the roof will implode the purlings needs to be replaced with rsj don't cut corners do the job properly no reputable company will risk there insurance


Answered 4th Feb 2019

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