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How to hang kitchen cabinet doors so they are straight and flush to the next door

I am hanging replacement kitchen doors before I ruin everything, the doors are not straight, what is the best way to make sure they are straight and also there are no large gaps between each door and the drawers above, I am using concealed hinges


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Hi photogirl,
The advise above is correct but as you are working with existing units it will be more difficult to adjust the carcases (cupboards). If you can remove the plinths/kickboards then you may be able to adjust the legs as required to help in aligning the carcases.
The doors are adjustable as follows;
1) Projection - when the doors are closed the faces of the doors should be level with onanother. If this is not the case and a corner appears to be proud, adjust as follows - open the door 90degrees to the cabinet and ckeck to see if the gap between the edge of the door and the edge of the cabinet is parallel. To adjust slacken the rear screw on the arm, move the door so the gap is parallel then re-tighten.
2) Vertical alignment - to adjust the doors so the vertical gap between the doors are parallel - there is one adjusting screw on the arm of each hinge, this is generally the screw nearest the door, rotate this screw clockwide and the door will move away from the side of the carcase at that hinge. Anticlockwise is the reverse of course.
3) Height - loosen the screws ( 2 per hinge) which hold the backplate to the cabinet, this will allow you to lift or lower the door to align with the drawer fronts or adjacent doors.
Start with the wall units and work from the middle of any long runs. This will give you a better chance of alignment. Once you think they are somewhere close, look along the top/bottom edge of the doors to check, if you see a strainght line you've cracked it.
Then move on to the base units and start with the drawer fronts as these sometimes have less adjustment than the doors. Drawers are usually adjustable by cam operated screws on the outside of the drawer sides where the sides join the back of the drawer front. If you don't have thses then you will need to remove and refit the drawer fronts.
All the above is best undertaken with a pozi screwdriver by hand.
Get in touch if you need any more info.
Holbex Design Ltd.

Answered 17th Sep 2011

Holbex Design Limited

Member since 21 Oct 2009

theres a screw on the hinge that you screw in and out which adjusts the level of the door, take your time and screw a few turns one way and check the door, then adjust accordingly, its not a hard job and you'll soon get the hang of it.

Answered 14th Sep 2011

D.J.P Carpentry Services

Member since 4 Mar 2011

The most important thing to get right for kitchen units is to first make absolutly sure that the carcases are totally level, plumb and square. the doors are totally square so if the carcasses are not you will never ever get them to fit right no matter how adjustable people tell you they are. as for gaps between doors and drawers there is usually up and down adjustment on the hinges for this also on a lot of drawers too. good luck.

Answered 15th Sep 2011

kevin cassidy building contractors

Member since 16 Dec 2010

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