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Re-wiring and concrete ceilings

I'm planning to re-wire my flat. The property has concrete floors and ceilings. On the ceilings there is a 10mm layer of plaster. There wouldn't be a problem chasing the walls but I want to avoid having plastic trunking running across the ceilings.

Is the depth of plaster on the ceiling enough to cover any cables running to ceiling roses? Also wall lights are not an option.



Additional Notes:
I don't intend to carry out the work myself.
Do the cables have to run though PVC conduit can't they be buried in the plaster?

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10mm is a bit too shallow, you really need around 20 - 25mm depth so that you can install PVC oval or PVC round conduit, with the cables inside.


Answered 25th Aug 2015

10 mm is no good to hide cables. An option would be to overboard all ceilings on battens and run cables behind board.


Answered 18th May 2016

Due to the scope of the electrical works this work is required to be completed by a Part P electrician, your best bet is to call in a few guys for quotes and explain your concerns and they should be able to advise you what options they could each do, and quote based on that.
A rewire is not a job you can complete yourself unless you are registered with the NIC EIC or similar and can land you in big trouble.


Answered 25th Aug 2015

10mm is too shallow to install cables in conduit or oval conduit. I would get an electrician to come and have a look as I would think that the existing lights would be fed via conduit. Most flats with the same construction would have been installed in conduit.
Kelvin Partridge
Iconnect Electrical Solutions


Answered 26th Aug 2015

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