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Put the laminate floor on the top without removing the karndean ?

I have Karndean floor now and would like to put the laminate floor on the top without removing the Karndean. Please advice the pros and cons ?


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Hi my name is Tom Mitchell from Tilescape.There is no problem laying a laminate floor on top of your existing floor as long as the floor is flat and sound.Generally the floor would have been levelled before the karndean was layed but it's worth checking with a level to be sure.If the floor has any lumps or dips these can be removed with a flexible levelling compound.Its all pros to be honest as taking up a well laid karndean floor can be very hard work and you don't gain anything from doing it.It can also help with making the laminate slightly warmer to the touch as the existing karndean forms another layer between the cold floor and the laminate.One other thing don't be tempted to scrimp on the underlay as a decent underlay combined with the existing karndean will make the new floor warmer and quieter to walk on.Hope this helps


Answered 25th Aug 2015

you really need to uplift, the underlay should have a vapour barrier this will cause a sweating point between 2 impervious materials and will cause your floor to fail, always strip back and start from scratch otherwise ANY warranty is null and void.


Answered 25th Aug 2015

Hi regarding your question you can put laminate on karndean as long as you use the correct underlay, uplifting it will only course more work for no benefit.
Hope this helps
Best regards Rikki


Answered 25th Aug 2015

There's no need to remove the Karndean as long as when you fit your underlay they have over lapping edges then taped down. This will then become your vapour barrier. Kind regards Dave


Answered 26th Aug 2015

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