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Hiding central heating pipework

I am looking to purchase a property where the central heating pipework is exposed throughout the house. The property was previously heated through some air heating facility and the central heating system has been fitted within the last couple of years.
I would be grateful for explanations on why the pipework may not be hidden, for example, could it be the walls are to thin? Or the fact that it is a terraced property?

I would also be grateful on a quote for hiding the pipes. I appreciate it is difficult to provide a quote having not seen the property but just some idea would be great. The property is a 2 bed, around 85 square metres.

Many thanks.

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Heating Engineer

few reasons mostly down to cost and need to redecorate each room. Is it a ex council house as normal you find this for cheapness



Answered 1st Sep 2015

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